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Sesssion Info

My family sessions are a very personal take on traditional family portraits. Instead of standing and looking at the camera trying desperately to get each child to do so perfectly in unison - I will ask you to simply interact with your children. Showcase the connection you have between each individual. Play, run, skip, jump, tickle, laugh and cuddle. From the loud banter to the quiet moments between father and son or mother and children, each play an important roll in my visual story telling and ultimately your timeless memories. 

These family sessions can take place in and around your own personal home or at an outdoors location chosen by myself or you. Before you shudder at the thought of your family photos being taken within your own home I implore you to think of it this way; where do your children feel most comfortable? where do they feel safe enough to be themselves? where are their creature comforts or possessions they hold as important? At home. Your home does not have to be 'instagramable' or 'magazine worthy' - heck - I will go as far as to say the less like these homes the better. The more your personalities shine through the better. It could be half renovated - better. Not renovated - better. Falling down - great, as long as it's not on us at the time of the shoot. I think you are getting what I am saying. Outdoor on location is also fabulous. You get the dreamy skies and golden hour glow. The choice is yours. 

Pricing & Inclusions

Family In Home / Outdoors

Price begins at $550.00


  • 1-1.5 hrs on location (either in/outdoors at home or on location. A location will be supplied however you can also request a certain location. 

  • An extensive gallery of black and white images via an online album (50+)

  • Up to 100kms round trip travel

  • Access to consult time to meet as well as wardrobe / styling advice if required.

  • Immediate family only. An additional fee of  $50 per adult  will be added for extended family / friends.

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